Ways LinkedIn Can Expand Your Digital Marketing Reach

Like social media giants Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is also a social networking site with a wide social reach. There are over 400 million LinkedIn users at present and it’s still continually growing. LinkedIn has a geographical reach of 200 countries and is available in 24 languages. With such a wide audience, lots of business invest in creating a LinkedIn account to meet and connect with their targeted market. So what exactly is LinkedIn and why millions are using it?

LinkedIn is a social networking service that is business-oriented. It allows you to create a company page and interact with like-minded people and engage in digital selling, thus expanding your reach. Here are reasons why LinkedIn can help you promote your brand to more people:

Professional Audience

LinkedIn has an estimate of 10 billion advertisements and these ads are presented to a professional audience. This heightens the chances of your ads reaching the right people when it comes to business. Your content will be read and consumed by a less general audience but a more specific kind. Since LinkedIn is more inclined to being a social yet professional outlet instead of just a social sharing site, there’ll be more opportunities to market your business to interested people and attract more people of the same industry.

LinkedIn Community

LinkedIn has a community feature that allows you to socialize with other LinkedIn users. You can join a LinkedIn group with people who share the same interests and widen your network and connections there. Being in a group helps you build not only an online presence but a social presence where you can increase your exposure. Plus, you get to be updated on what’s new and use that to your advantage.

Aside from personal profiles, LinkedIn has company pages where you can promote your company, connect with other companies, or check up on competitors. It can also be a medium where you can post available jobs and hire possible recruits, or simply just promote and share the company’s image on a global scale.

Email Marketing List

On LinkedIn, it lets you message 50 people at a time when you create a message asking them to be part of your email marketing list. Email marketing is one way of delivering your content to people. It could be advertisements, business requests, or anything that can call people to action for your business. Your message should include what users would get if they sign up for the email list because if there’s something in it for them, it will keep them interested. This is a great way to try to connect with people and establish brand awareness.

Search Engine Ranking

Visitor traffic is important for expanding your digital marketing reach. LinkedIn profiles or company pages are shown highly on search engines. The more you post and optimize your LinkedIn using search engine optimization (SEO), the more chances of it being seen by people on search engine results. More exposure means more page traffic, which is good. This’ll be more effective if you place embedded links backlinking to your company website or a page where they can access what you’re promoting.

Sponsored Updates

Businesses use sponsored updates to post ads to the feed of LinkedIn users. Sponsored ads are a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression feature that can be customized to who can see them. LinkedIn ads are not only limited to demographics of the audience you’re trying to reach but also to the specifics like job titles, skills, industries, company pages or groups. Promoting through LinkedIn sponsored ads can generate more web traffic for your page and if the content is good and effective, generate sales leads and cater to a wider digital market.


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