Best Customer Onboarding Tools and Strategies

According to an e-commerce statistics data released by The Statistics Portal, 41% worldwide internet users have engaged in online shopping either through desktop, tablet, mobile or other online devices. This 2017, it is expected that global B2C (business to customer) e-commerce sales will mount up to 2.1 Trillion US dollars. With the continuous growth of online business engagements, acquiring new customers will be a challenging work for any starting business. To help these businesses, certain tools and technologies were programmed to acquire more customer signup success and to convert these new signups to active users.

The following is a list of the best tools that allows you to create demos and tours for better customer satisfaction:

Tutorial-Based Onboarding


Tutorialize allows you to add tooltips to your site making it easy for the customers to understand the whole process. With this interface, one can just hover the pointer over an item, and an information box (tooltip) will appear above the item. This tool is beautifully designed for Website Owners, Front-End Engineers, and Training Managers. There is no longer need to dedicate a page for FAQs for you can already show users the answers to their questions using the guides and demos you can automatically provide in your site. This tool is also programmed with a spotlight effect wherein demos allow you to highlight some parts of your site while other parts remain shaded.

Tutorialize allows you to start a 20-day trial. The price ranges from $14 to $59 a month depending on your site preference: a branded or a non-branded version.


While AppCues is somehow similar to Tutorialize when it comes to adding tooltips, the former goes a long way when it comes to customization. It allows you to choose from different designs and templates; create welcoming banner or page; and put slideouts or in-app alerts. With its smart segmentation capabilities, it can put users into groups so that certain announcements and tooltips are only seen by the targeted market or particular group of users. It will help you track the performance of your guides and demos with regards to converting customers.

AppCues works well with CRM and analytical systems like Salesforce and KISS Metrics. The price ranges from $45 to $450 a month.

Email-Based Onboarding


Intercom lets you know who your customers are and what they are doing with your product. It has several pages or parts wherein you can monitor engagements or transactions in your site. By using Intercom, you allow an open communication with your customers by interacting with them through real-time-in-app-based engagement systems and email messages. If you want to inform your users regarding an update, just type in an announcement, and they’ll see it once they log in.

Knowing your customers’ behavior helps you understand their needs. With you knowing these needs, you may have a better signups success or even higher conversion and adoption rates when you use this information to send them help by writing personalized messages or answering queries through a team box.

Intercom allows you to customize how much you pay based on the number of users you have and the goal you want to achieve. It has simple-slider-based pricing which ranges from free to $87 a month.


It is important that you don’t lose any of your customers at any stage of the product acquisition cycle. Autosend helps you engage your inactive users, and convert your trial users to permanent ones. As a customer-behaviour-driven tool, Autosend makes it easy for you to avoid customers from dropping off. You can send them scheduled emails, SMS or in-app messages to make them take actions with regards to your liking.

Autosend comes with a free trial, while other versions start at $199 a month.

In-App Messaging Onboarding

Tour My App

Using Tour My App means you have full control over how the tour appears. You can customize in-app tutorials and tours to guide your users. You can let the users do some actions like liking, typing or clicking for them to continue. This allows you to show them every aspect of the sticky note without them only skipping through the “Next.” It also uses spotlight effect wherein you can highlight advanced or unused features and present demos. Tour My App costs $24 up to $250 a month.

Take your pick from any of these onboarding tools. There is certainly an abundance of both paid and free WordPress blog plugins that could help you run a better website, a better organization or company.


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