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How Your Web Design Might Be Hurting Your Business

Thanks to customizable templates and DIY tools and technologies almost anyone can create a website.  A website should be able to create a “wow” factor that can influence how much your customers would visit your page. The design of your website can either pull potential customers or push them away.… Read More +

Create Web Design That Connects With Audience

Looks are everything -- at least where WordPress blog designs are concerned. To an experienced web designer, this truth is to be upheld and reinforced. But to a clueless website owner who feels like they’re walking in the dark here, it’s a real challenge. If you want to learn how to… Read More +

Create Excellent Web Design For Your Blog

Your WordPress web design is the first element you would need to fix in order to capture your readers. It will help determine whether your audience would want to stay and revisit. Your content certainly matters, but your design is essential to making everything work. It is not what you… Read More +

Boosting UX with Text Chunking

Web content in WordPress web design is important; however, it is the manner by which the web designer arranges the content that will have a massive impact on visitors. You have to take formatting in mind when working on a WordPress web design. To succeed in a design that would… Read More +

Navigating The Wide World Of WordPress Themes

Searching for the perfect WordPress theme for your website can be overwhelming. With literally thousands of themes at your disposal, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of what to consider. Free or premium? Niche or general? Minimalist or bold? That’s not even taking into account the dozens of… Read More +

Web Design 2017 Trends: Learn New Insights and Forecasts

Web design is no longer simply about having a website; it is now about the need to have a solid platform that is a website. More than 80 percent of Americans have internet access and almost 40 percent of people in the world have internet connection as of 2016. This… Read More +


Best Customer Onboarding Tools and Strategies

According to an e-commerce statistics data released by The Statistics Portal, 41% worldwide internet users have engaged in online shopping either through desktop, tablet, mobile or other online devices. This… Read More


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