Five Of Best WordPress Plugins For Featured Image Problems

Problems in WordPress Featured Images, also called Post Thumbnails, can be such a hassle. The Featured Image plays an important role in a page’s visual quality.

WordPress admins are no strangers to Featured Image errors. Here are some of the possible problems you might encounter with WP Featured Image:

  • being unable to post images manually through URLs
  • having to add your post thumbnails one by after you update an older version of WordPress to the newer version (This is a hassle for users who have tons of posts while using the older version of WordPress.)
  • changing thumbnail dimension (It’s only applicable to the newly uploaded image, not the previous ones.)
  • problems in resizing an image 
  • not having enough built-in options for adding thumbnails to benefit authors

Since the Featured Image plays an essential role in your site, finding solutions to these problems is important. Here are five WordPress plugins that can help with Featured Image issues:

1. Auto Post Thumbnail

Having to add thumbnails one by one on old posts can be such a drag. Same goes with not being able to place images through URLs. Auto Post Thumbnail is a big help in this situation. This plugin automatically generates a thumbnail and assigns them to your post when published. Whether the image is an uploaded image or a URL, it doesn’t matter; Auto Post Thumbnail will still be able to make it into a post thumbnail.

The first image in your post is what Auto Post Thumbnail uses as the post thumbnail but if you prefer a different image, just set it manually and you’re good to go.

2. Regenerate Thumbnails

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugins mainly work on resizing the images you use when there’s a need to resize them. When changing themes or changing post thumbnail dimensions, existing thumbnails don’t get updated to the size that you want. WordPress doesn’t automatically resize them so you would have to do it yourself, one by one.

Regenerate Thumbnails provides available options like regenerating for either all images on your site or just specific ones.  

3. Require Feature Image

Require Feature Image makes sure the post has a featured image attached, or else WordPress won’t publish the content. This WP plugin is great if featured images are must-haves for your layout, and if you have multiple writers or contributors providing content.

4. Featured Images in RSS with size and position

This plugin makes it possible for images to be included in your site’s RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed. Using RSS is beneficial for sites with regular changing web content because it simplifies staying informed with the latest content. With Featured Images in RSS, as the name implies, it allows you to produce images on your RSS feed onto services like Mailchimp, Hubspot, and others.

What sets this plugin apart from the rest that also offer image inclusion in RSS feeds is its options. You’re able to resize your thumbnails, position them, and even set the spacing between text content and image.

5. Multiple Post Thumbnails

Want more than one featured image on your post? Multiple Post thumbnails can make that happen. Its name already speaks for itself, and it’s useful for incorporating more visuals. For it to work, you need to manually add some codes. These codes can be found on the plugin’s details page where you’d be guided on how to implement them.


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