Boosting UX with Text Chunking

Web content in WordPress web design is important; however, it is the manner by which the web designer arranges the content that will have a massive impact on visitors.

You have to take formatting in mind when working on a WordPress web design. To succeed in a design that would cater to the website reader’s reading habits, you need to follow a technique called chunking. This technique would arrange the content in such a way that it would encourage visitors to read what you’ve posted.

Web design is more than designing your WordPress web page to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Graphic designers should consider how the average person reads on the Web. In addition, chunking creates a better user experience which would help increase your site’s traffic.

Understanding How Website Users Read

It’s one thing to promote your website and it is another to convince them to stay. You need a way for readers to stay and read your content. Do not give your readers the benefit of the doubt that they would read most or at least half of your written content.

A study conducted in 2013 concluded that most internet users would skim through or scan your content. A graphic designer should take note that most users do not read word-for-word. Graphic designers can incorporate chunking their content as a solution to this dilemma.

Smaller and Shorter Paragraphs

Here are a few things you need to remember to cater to your skimming WordPress blog readers. One, thick and longer paragraphs will discourage readers.

Website readers only get bits of information they deem important when they skim or scan your content. If they find it interesting they might continue on reading but you cannot rely on that. Using shorter paragraphs would help readers quickly scan your content and get a better sense of what your website is about.

A great example of skimming perfection is National Geographic‘s website. Its articles have paragraphs that at least contain three sentences.

The beauty of bullet points

The great thing about using bullet points is that it draws the eye to the information that is easy to read and retain. They are presented in a short and consecutive fashion which fits the way visitors would read content.

Graphic designers should take note that using bullet points is to make reading easier for visitors. So you should not include long sentences or paragraphs for each bullet point. That would destroy its purpose.

Using bullet points is all about brevity. People do not read thoroughly on the web, as a designer you need to present them content that anyone can understand in a matter of seconds.

Using Headlines and Subheadings

The Washington Post reports that approximately 60 percent of Americans only read the headlines on web articles both on desktop and mobile. Most website users have short attention span. Because of this, they only read headlines. It is the job of graphic designers to ensure that the content’s headline spells out what readers can expect with your content.

Headlines and Subheadings are perfect for breaking up content to easily readable and digestible sections. They are also short previews of what a certain paragraph is about. This would either enable the reader to continue or stop reading.

Listverse is a great example that makes use of headings. they use headlines that explicitly previews what the content will be about. Each of the headings makes it clear what each section will cover.

Help your WordPress Site by Chunking your content

Chunking your content is key to showing your visitors better content. Using the chunking technique for your content on your site would garner more web traffic.

Chunking would encourage people to read content and absorb information easier. Even if it is just skimming and scanning, it is important to take note that it would still make an impact to your visitors.

People do not spend time reading all content on the web. It’s a hard truth to accept, but you cannot rely on the quality of your long paragraphs to persuade people to read every word. Your job as a designer is to consider the short attention span of visitors when designing. Don’t fight it; chunking content would mean more conversions and customers, and of course, more traffic.


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