9 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is already taking over digital media. It’s a much easier way of promoting and selling products and services with accessible information anytime, to anyone. If you own a WordPress blog or website, digital marketing tools are things you can’t go on without. They make managing and marketing less of a hassle through simplifying and enhancing the word needed to be done.

Here are nine of the best digital marketing tools that can help you reach your productivity and conversion goals:

1. Get audience info with Google Analytics

Knowing your audience may be difficult because of all the possible ways of interaction but it is not something to forget about. Getting to know the audience can help in deciding what changes to make, issues to fix, or next move to choose. With Google Analytics, a popular web analytic service that tracks a site’s web traffic and also reports it, it gets easier dealing with audience information.



If a site wants its page visitors to perform an action (click download, buy or book something, fill out a survey, and the likes), the conversion rate tells how effective your site is in persuading users to that call to action.


The bounce rate is the number of visitors that visit a site and leave without actually engaging with it. Sites aim for low bounce rates and try to fix issues that create high bounce rates.


When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of marketing efforts and techniques used. (Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, and others) Channels help segregate and show what technique is bringing more visitors to the site.

2. Create, send, and track emails with MailChimp

Talking about email marketing, MailChimp is the perfect tool for the job. Through a drag and drop interface,  MailChimp users can create, send, and track HTML email campaigns. It also has functional reporting features that with just one click, people can share content on other media.

Another MailChimp feature is that it allows A/B testing, where you can compare two features and collect data and tracking rates from the two. With MailChimp, every email counts.

3. Feel like a Graphic design pro with Canva

Creating designs is an important task that has to meet creative standards. With Canva, creating designs and templates can be easy. Users can choose from over a million graphics, fonts, and photographs to use whether for web or print. Since it doesn’t require any design training, it saves up a lot of time and makes the work enjoyable.

4. Check your Online presence with SEMrush

SEMrush is an extremely useful online software for digital marketers because this is where they get information. It’s an effective Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tool that can analyze and research keywords. Additionally, it enables users to keep an eye on backlinks, display ad statistics and research, and show the difficulty of keyword ranking. What’s also great is that it does not only track your own marketing techniques and efforts but also your competitors as well.

5. Media monitor with Mention

Want to monitor whenever your brand name comes up online? That’s what Mention is for. It’s a media monitoring and tracking tool that not only helps you track your brand but also for words or topics you want to stay informed about. It updates you when something relevant happens in your industry so you can join in within interested audiences. Mention notifies with daily emails for those it tracks.

6. Say things right with Grammarly

Sometimes writers don’t notice errors they made when writing and it’s such a hassle to go through it again word per word, thinking whether a mistake was made or not. With Grammarly, just simply paste the article and it automatically checks for grammatical errors and suggests corrections. If you have a wide range of audience, Grammarly gives you the choice to set the writing and editing style. If you want to access it on everything you write, there’s a Grammarly browser extension available for download.

7. Avoid plagiarism with Copyscape

Plagiarism in an SEO perspective is absolutely dangerous. Worst case scenario would be your page getting deindexed by google, which means it becomes invisible in search engines. Copyscape checks the web for similar content and with it being an online plagiarism detection service, helps prevent plagiarism.

8. Avoid spam with MailTester

Marketing emails are most to blame when people complain about spam, and because of the CAN-SPAM ACT, sites can get fined for every spam mail sent from their account. From a marketing perspective, the goal is not for the emails to end up in a spam box but instead for it to reach the person. MailTester works to verify the emails for seeing the deliverability of these emails.

9. Don’t lose track of time with Toggl

It’s easy to get caught up with work that time just flies by. Toggle is a great way to kickstart productivity by managing and tracking how time is used each day. With it, time-wasting activities can be identified and replaced with doing something more productive. It offers both interactive task timer or timing by manual entry.


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