How To Make Money on Instagram: The Easiest Ways Possible

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Utilize the social media Instagram to the extent where you can make money out of it. It’s real, and it’s happening. Some people receive hundreds of thousands of money through it. Ever wondered how? We can provide you with the simplest tips.

Start with the Basics

The very first step of course will be to make an Instagram page that is basically about what people want. Here, you will think of your niche. When we say niche, it pertains to what category your page will be. In choosing your niche, though, always keep in mind to think of something that will address to the wants and/or needs of people for it to sell. Next would be to start uploading pictures. Pictures of course that are related or of relevance to your niche. Lastly, engage the people. Make them wanna tag their friends in the photo because that would be an investment. Make sure your account is properly set up because no one would follow an account with no value.

Manage your Instagram account and garner a considerable number of audiences who would follow your page. A minimum of 20K followers would do, depending on your niche. After all is set and done and you have made quite a number of followers, you are good to proceed with the actual Instagram money-making.

3 Biggest Ways on how to Make Money on Instagram by Michael Koehler

Online marketing expert Michael Koehler shares his top three simplest and biggest ways oh how to. You may check out his YouTube channel by clicking here.

1.Selling shoutouts

Give shoutouts to certain products services or companies and post nice pictures of them and link to their Instagram account or website so they get more followers. It is like you are helping them by promoting them on your page. And since your page has a number of followers, that means your post can reach to them instantly. That way, the company of the products gets to pay you for your online promotion. Cost per post depends on the influencer.

2.Promoting ads

By promoting ads, get paid either by:

1.Cost per action (CPA) – Here you can get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes an action. The action may be filling out a form, signing up for a free trial, or buying a product.

2.Pay per download (PPD) – Get your followers to either download something and once they do, you get paid by the network.

3.Affiliate marketing

Be an affiliate of a bigger or website where you can make an effort to help them make a sale. Once a follower of yours decides to make a purchase, you get a commission.

There are still a lot more ways on how to earn money online especially on Instagram because possibilities really are endless but these three are what we consider as the simplest and biggest ways possible and we hope that they can actually help you when you think of venturing into this business.


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