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Looks are everything — at least where WordPress blog designs are concerned. To an experienced web designer, this truth is to be upheld and reinforced. But to a clueless website owner who feels like they’re walking in the dark here, it’s a real challenge.

If you want to learn how to design your WordPress website into an effective one, then you should know the basics of understanding your target audiences. Here’s a guide to walk you through the process.

Male or Female?

If you’ve got predominantly female customers, then you should know what is pleasing to them and what isn’t. In a study by Joe Hallock, he discovered that both genders like the color Blue most: 57 percent for men, and 35 percent for women. Meanwhile predominantly in both genders, the colors Orange and Brown are disliked.

Knowing this, there’s a better chance at getting your audience to like your website the first time they encounter it. The first step is to look at their favorites, and then, choose a color scheme `that will blend nicely with that chosen hue.

Important Buttons vs Color Schemes

Now that there’s the whole color scheme going on, don’t forget that it could potentially lose emphasis- something you need. There’s a psychological phenomenon called ‘sensory adaption’ wherein it states that when people are exposed to a stimulus, and are constantly experiencing it, they will lose notice of it later on.

Important buttons like ‘Call Us Now’ or ‘Share this Article’ are critical and must not blend too well with the color you chose so that it wouldn’t be ignored. If your audience sees the same color all over the website, it will be inherent for them to weigh different texts with the same importance as all the others.

Keep in mind that in making your web design effective, you need to add a different color that will demand attention and call for action. Tip: Some studies will tell you that the color Red will give you more conversions. But if you’ve got time, you can try an A/B Test on which button color would be best for your website and determine what color your audience will like better.

Text that traps

With all the free fonts on the internet and the overwhelming styles that each have, choosing could take you hours. This is fine, as long as you don’t lose sight of your goal: to help your audience and have them understand what you are trying to say.

Tip: A simple font style with an appropriately large font size is the best option for a good web design. Studies show that it is the type that they prefer.

Revisions with caution

After a few years of finally making an effective web design that will connect with your audience, and you feel like you need a few improvements for your website, that’s fine. Be warned though, that any major revision can disappoint your audiences.

Just Noticeable Difference is a scientific term that describes the measurement of  little changes made in a stimulus in order for the changes to be noticed. This is a principle that need careful attention to because with just the right amount of subtle changes, delivery of this improvement could be effective. If overdone, and stands out too much, then it could confuse your audiences.

In making revisions, ensure a balance with your JND and the improvements you want to attain. Tip: stick with colors that have always been associated with your brand. Try experimenting with shapes, sizes, layout. Don’t be too drastic about it, good web designs will keep their brand identity in mind during the process of doing the improvements.

Uniqueness overboard

There’s a fine line between being appropriately innovative and just plain confusing. If you want to be totally different from the rest so that people will get to notice you, don’t attempt to make it overly different to the point that your audience won’t know how to operate it.

People have all kinds of perspectives and their approach to what they see could vary based on their latest interactions, expertise, knowledge, culture, the list goes on. Tip: Stick to what is universally observed. A good web design that connects with your audience is one where ‘perceptual set theory’ is not an issue of how to interact with your website.


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