FAQs on Facebook advertising for Dummies

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Knowledge is power. How true is this for Facebook Advertising? By having millions of people sign up for this social media giant, it enlists valuable information about different kinds of people from all around the world. Their knowledge of users’ interests, contact information, and behavior makes FB unstoppable.

This is why you should sign up for Facebook advertising and use it to your advantage. But before that, what are the questions you have for Facebook Advertising?

1. What are the factors that will affect the price of my Facebook ad?

Facebook advertising is all about bidding your product into the market. If there are tons of accounts bidding on a similar product with the same market, the price will rise higher. The account with the highest bid wins and gets that impression. Time is also a factor that largely affects how much you pay for Facebook Advertising. There will be seasons where people watch out for sales such as the Yuletide season or Black Friday.

2. How do I know I’m reaching the right people?

With Facebook Advertising, there’s such thing as a platform called the Ads Create tool. This is the very first step to creating an ad. Here you get to select an objective for the kind of results you want for your ad, all the knickknacks needed to make sure your ad gets to where it’s supposed to be, in a smart and safe way.

By putting your objectives and aims strategically, Facebook will understand what your market is all about. The turnout will be a lot more positive if Facebook understands what you want to do with your product and how this will help their users.

Besides that, there is an option that lets Facebook reach ‘similar’ audiences- or people who have similarities with your chosen target audience who might be interested in what you’re selling. This means a wider avenue for you and increased visibility.

3. How do I make sure I’m not spending too much on my Facebook ad?

To avoid overspending, you can input your allotted budget prior to the actual making of the ad. Facebook has this feature to help you out in whatever the nature of your ad is. There are also options where you could choose either a daily budget or a lifetime budget if it runs continuously or within a time range.

Tip: Facebook warns us not to change the budget type while the campaign is ongoing. It will reset your budget if you do so.

4. How will I communicate with my audiences about my FB ad?

In your page, there’s a “Chat” button for easier customer service. Your audience can speak with you via chat you for inquiries, reservations, etc. It would be helpful if they visit your page first so that communication is simpler.

5. How should my Facebook ads look like?

According to this study, ads with higher text didn’t mean less reach. Before, Facebook warned the user if it had too much text. But now, they don’t. . Some factors could affect this; it may depend on the nature of your business, it may rely on the content you’re making, on who’s seeing it, etc.

Just make sure you’ve got the necessary information, a good layout, and a headline that screams ‘read me.’

6. When should I refresh my ad creative?

In Facebook Advertising, knowing frequency is essential. Frequency is the measurement of just how many clicks your ad gets? If you check your analytics and see no chances for improvement, then it’s probably time to do some revisions.

7. Should I set my ad strategy to ‘device’?

It’s a known fact that millions of people around the world use phones more because of its convenience. So it’s a good idea to set your ad to ‘by device’ to maximize performance.

8. How do I become smarter at Facebook Advertising?

Smarter means you get to be more efficient. One way of doing this is studying your audience insights with the available conversion data. In understanding how they behave, who they are, what they’re lacking and what they have, you have information that could be used to connect with them.


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