E-commerce 101, Beginners’ Guide To Digital Marketing

About a decade ago, when WordPress websites have yet to rule the Internet, advertising efforts through television and print media are the most effective way to market one’s business. With the vast changes and developments in communication technology and journalism, companies are forced to take a second look at their marketing strategies.

Now that there is a growing number of business transactions occurring on the Internet, it is important for you to consider making steps towards effective digital marketing. Engaging your business with digital channels is one of the key ways to of advertising your products and services.

Building WordPress Websites

Being absent on the world wide web would mean a serious loss to your business. Most customers are now searching online for information before buying a product or getting a service. It is important to build a WordPress website that will appeal to your market. WordPress makes it easy for you to reach customers who use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example, a potential customer looking for a “travel package” would type keywords, such as travel package in the search engine. If you are not online, your company will not be found by these potential customers.


Sending bulk messages to your target market is also an effective marketing tool. It ensures immediate updates to customers, who wouldn’t have to scroll through news feeds and get lost to competing websites. SMS reaches potential and even past customers.

Using Social Media To Get Buyers, Customers

One of the advantages of using social media as a marketing tool is that you can make an account for free. Using the right digital marketing strategies, you could generate a huge amount of followers or likes for your product or service. You can create a well-designed and well-thought-of content that will satisfy your customers’ needs. Social media presence will make it easier for your customers to find you and connect to your company.


Email is another popular marketing tool. It is easy to create free email accounts. Write to your leads and customers. Give them updates about your company.  Make sure you have interesting content that may or may not link to your WordPress website.

These are only some of the various online marketing strategies that can help your business reach your market. Stay updated with current marketing trends to effectively utilize these digital marketing platforms. Contact WPSource to learn more about our digital marketing packages.


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