5 Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Your 2017 Brand

The year 2016 had been filled with tons of digital advances, like algorithm updates and innovative content, but 2017 is a new opportunity to up your digital marketing game. Staying updated and exploring new available media ensures you and your business don’t get left behind.

Last year’s strategy may not suit today’s trend in digital marketing, so it’s best to review the previous marketing campaigns and figure out which to keep and which ones to try to improve. This way, you get inspiration from past decisions and at the same time evolve your digital strategy.

Planning new and improved marketing techniques can be hard, so here are 5 digital marketing tactics to help you achieve the best results for 2017:

1. Live Streaming

The popularity of streaming live events boomed in 2016. People who can’t go to the event itself just watch it live online and it has become one of the things people are immensely interested in. Two social giants, Facebook and Twitter, have live streaming features that are easily accessible and simple to use.

The popularity of live streaming partnered together with how accessible it creates the perfect chance for you to try it out for your brand and attract more audience. Just make sure to announce it to your audience beforehand so they don’t miss out on it and have impact in your introduction to catch the attention of more people.

Some live streaming ideas are:


  • Q&A: live streaming a question and answer helps you build a connection between your brand and your audience.
  • Events: streaming an event your brand is hosting or is part of makes it accessible for those who can’t go in person, widening your reach.
  • How-to’s: Here you can promote ways on how your audience can use your product and what your product can offer them as a whole.
  • Behind the scenes: Keep your audience interested by letting them see what they don’t usually see- the behind the scenes. You can use this for special events for your product or brand.
  • Demo: Creating a demo live stream teaches your audience product/brand-related activities they can engage in.


2. Short time Content

At first glance, short time or “ephemeral” content sounds bad. These are posts or content that disappear or expire after a set period of time, sort of like snap chat. You might be asking yourself why you’d want your content to disappear. Well, it does sound unusual, but it is what’s popular today. People follow trends, so if you follow them too, you’ll be where the people are, meaning more marketing reach. Instagram followed in the footsteps of Snapchat and has their own short time content as well called Instagram stories. Participating in ephemeral content marketing doesn’t require formal or overly polished content since it’s just going to disappear. Instead, it sticks with short, quick, eye-catching content. For promoting your product or brand, you can try using GIFs, or video snippets of brand events or promotional teasers.

3. Influencer effect

The influencer effect or influencer marketing relies on influence and word of mouth online. Influencers are people that have followers not only pertaining to those who follow their Instagram feed but people that look up to them and think of them as leaders. This means whatever they do, buy, or eat, their followers will most likely try. They’re the famous trendsetters and whatever they recommend are highly accepted.

If you’re thinking of partnering with celebrities as your influencer marketer like other brands, it will be expensive. Other options can be finding influencers that may not be celebrities but have a specialty or niche that is related to your brand. It will be less costly plus you have a specific targeted audience.

4. Snapchat Ads

In 2016, Snapchat introduced two advertising innovations. Over 150 million people use Snapchat every day, so it’s a perfect ad platform to try out for your brand or product. If you’re up to try something new, advertising on Snapchat leans onto the playful side, as their audience are mostly younger people.

You can opt to advertise via sponsored geofilters, where brands can design their geofilters (with logos and trademarks) and choose when and where people can access them, or via sponsored stories, these are launched ads that appear between user stories. These ads can also be interactive, where users can go from the ad to an article or longer video if they choose to.

5. Personalize and Innovate Content

Your marketing efforts will go to waste if you don’t provide good content for your audience, this is common knowledge. Although for 2017, content should be more than just good if you want to stand out. Lots of other companies are creating creative and new content you have to compete with. To catch people’s attention, what you give should be new and enticing, here’s where innovation is the key.

Other than that, sticking with old techniques can become boring so personalizing content can be useful. Your audience looks for content they find relevant, through personalization, you have the chance to build a connection with them. More connection with your audience paves the way for a bigger digital market reach.


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