10 Helpful Tips for WordPress Beginners

With the prevalent use of Internet today, it’s not surprising that businessmen choose to promote their products and services online. Many of them are building WordPress websites. WordPress is a widely used website builder that can produce and modify digital data. It’s a content management system (CMS) which allows its users to alter the software depending on what features the user wants their site to have.  

If you’re new to this, there are questions which are probably in your mind right now. Don’t sweat it because here are some WordPress tips for you.

1. Install WordPress

First things first, get WP installed. Transfer your website files on your local server.  This allows you to run WordPress trunk on your computer as it provides the same environment as your web host’s server. It’s an important tool in developing WordPress core.

2. Choose your theme

Your theme plays an important role because it serves as the face of your website. It should complement the content in your site. It’s important to choose a theme that is best for your business. Browser compatibility, mobile readiness, supported plugins and SEO friendliness are some of the elements that you have to look over.

3. Get plugins but don’t overdo it

To attract viewers and customers are your goals in creating a website. Remember that your website is a visual presentation of your business so make it interesting. Of course, you don’t want to do a lot of coding. That’s where plugins come in.

Plugins are the group of software that is used to enhance visual content, add features, improve speed, backup files, provide security, and much more depending on what plugin you’re using. You can get these plugins to help you save effort and time in setting up your website. But don’t plugin overload because this can make your website slow in loading.  

4. Manage your profile user

To identify who produces the content and to set roles and capabilities for contributors are the two main purposes of a user profile. All WordPress sites must take a moment in customizing their user profile because it’s open to the public. You must be careful in every detail and information that you input because your site visitors can access it.

5. Compose content that sells

Keep in mind that aside from getting “clicked”, satisfying your viewer’s curiosity which you triggered to make them visit your page is also one of your goals. You need to give content that contains helpful and substantial information. Also use keywords wisely they help optimize your site and navigate visitors.

6.  Show photos with good quality

It’s important to use original high-quality photos otherwise, give credit. If you’re going to add a photo to your writing, make sure that the photo complements your content. You can also market your business with images alone.

You should also formulate a good name for your image files. Texts and images are displayed in Google’s search results.Use the alt tag and title tag to optimize your images and to get them a higher rank in the search results.

7. Consider your website’s speed

One major reason why visitors leave your page is because it loads very slow. Yes, you want to make the best out of your website so you’ll be putting a lot of files in it. The result? Your website will be too heavy that will make it very slow to load. In that case, you can use a plugin to compress your files and delete unimportant characters without compromising functionalities. But you should also not overuse plugins because it also makes your website load slowly.

8. Secure

To avoid getting hacked, use a strong password. A two-factor authentication is also advised. This verification process requires the user to also login using a unique code sent to devices, typically smartphones. The user then needs to encode the code before getting verified. You can also verify by giving tests or codes to check if the user attempting to login is a human or a robot.

9. Backup files

Website data loss really happens. It’s important that you’re making a backup for your WordPress site regularly. There are plugins that can to do this for you. You can check WordPress’ plugin directory for plugins that you can use.

10. Promote your website through social media

If your website is all set, you should probably share it to different social networking sites. Since there are already a lot of people who were in the digital world, this will allow you to reach more potential customers efficiently. 


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