Learn 5 Digital Marketing Trends For Your E-commerce Goals

Digital marketing has emerged and many in the business sector have tried several digital marketing strategies to get more customers. The problem is, everyone’s been using the same strategies. Businesses lose opportunities to get ahead because of overused marketing tactics. Many have been into social media promotions, search engine marketing or SEM and website pop-ups to market their businesses. These digital marketing strategies were already yesterday’s trends.

What you want for your business is to stand out, which won’t happen if you’re doing what everyone else’s been doing. Given below are some very important digital marketing tips for 2017:

1. Marketing automation

As you’re trying to persuade potential customers with your messages, there are also other businessmen who try to win these customers. Their marketing messages and advertisements create a clutter which you have to break. This requires marketing campaigns that develop interaction between you and your customer and create arrangements over a period of time.

According to the research made by Aberdeen group, only two-thirds of the best-in-class companies utilize marketing automation to accomplish these requirements.  Marketing automation is formerly utilized by enterprises with an extensive financial wealth and expertise when it comes to it. Nowadays, businesses can develop marketing automation at a small business marketing point.

2. Data-driven campaigns

We’re in a period of logical analysis of data. Businesses that wants to be on top need marketers who have an extensive knowledge of data to create their campaigns around customer analytic and real-time data.

Lily Croll, Wire Stone strategy director for digital marketing, said that “Historically, marketers viewed data as something static and tied to reporting. But data is now more dynamic, accessible, and broadly understood. This will open up new opportunities for messaging optimization – but, more importantly, this access to data will challenge marketers to become more nimble and responsive.”

Insights Reports survey states that 64% of senior executives in the US said that data-driven marketing is very important for success in today’s highly-competitive global economy because it increases advanced segmentation, modern A/B testing, customer understanding and marketing campaign strategies.

3. Marketing influencers

In a research conducted by Smart Insights, it was found out that content marketing is perceived as the digital marketing activity with the highest commercial impact in 2016. Twenty-two percent of businesses said that content marketing is an essential element in digital marketing, followed by marketing automation and big data. However, content marketing without tactful and effective distribution is useless.

This is where online influencers, like bloggers, come in. Bloggers with many followers market businesses to their targeted global audiences by promoting the company’s content. According to the research of an influencer marketing firm,  85% of these bloggers take money for writing posts that benefit a particular brand. Today, bloggers are considered as important links in the content marketing chain.

4. Customer-sourced content

The marketing focus shifts from producing branded content to supporting crowd-sourced content that binds in brands. In a research made by Onalytica,  99% of content that mentions brands were produced by customers themselves.

As predicted by Matt Gibbs who is a co-founder and chief marketing officer for social marketing firm of UPshow, “Customer-generated content is going to shift from a consumer trend to a key marketing focus. The days where a business’ own social media posts have an impact are fading, and now it’s all about inspiring as much Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat content from customers as possible.”

5. Marketing across the globe

Competition in the business sector gets global, as well as their potential customers. Marketing campaigns for a specific country are already out of date. Companies develop and tailor their campaigns and websites accordingly even if they don’t have plans in entering the global market.

Products that would fit in all instances is out. Aside from that,  businesses must not only strive to get global but also strive to localize their services.  As what Martin Roll, business and brand strategist, has advised, “Successful global brands are managed by balancing consistent brand guardrails with the freedom to adapt to leverage local growth opportunities. Without the freedom to adapt to local needs and leverage emerging opportunities, brands risk becoming obsolete and irrelevant.”

Developments happen in marketing, and businesses adapt to these changes. From getting marketing automation and data-driven campaigns to depending on consumers for brand recognition, businesses are either to evolve or get disrupted. The changing environment of marketing imposes challenges to the entire business sector and in able for your business to make it, you need to be as flexible as you can.


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