6 Tips For Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Campaign

Sometimes the success of a digital marketing campaign hinges not on what you do, but on what you didn’t do. Neglecting to interact with people on your social media, overlooking the need for proper keyword research, and forgetting to optimize your online ads are all oversights that can lead to the premature failure of your advertising campaign. We have compiled here six tips to help your company avoid these mistakes and maintain a successful digital marketing campaign:

1. Interact With Clients On Social Media

It’s not enough for your company to have social media and post regularly – you also have to know how to engage with people expressing their own comments, concerns or feedback. Otherwise, you’re missing out on potential clients. You need to show your clients that you’re willing to listen and respond to them.

The easiest way to do this is by assigning someone on your customer service team to directly address any issues your clients have. This goes even for social media users who post negative comments or simply dislike your product or company. Open up a channel of communication. Respond to the commenter with respect and direct them to a private channel where you can discuss their concerns. This can go a long way in increasing your company’s social media presence and reputation.

2. Perform A/B Testing With Emails

A/B testing, or split testing, is a method of comparing two versions of something to identify which one performs better. For example, it can be used to compare the conversion rate of two web pages. In this case, it can also be used to measure the likelihood of a client opening a promotional email from your company.

By performing A/B testing, you can pinpoint what speaks to your audience and thus extend your company’s reach. Simply test different variables of your emails, such as subject lines, layouts, and even what times you send out your emails. Then compare the click-through rates of the variables: the higher the rate, the more successful the email.

The tool Emma can perform A/B testing for you. Three different subject lines for your emails will be equally sent out to 20% of your target audience. The email with the subject line that has the highest click-through rate will then be sent out to the remaining 80%. Some email marketing providers have this feature built-in and compare click-through rates for you.

3. Use Keyword Research

The key here is to produce content that has both quality and quantity. Regularly producing new content is important – but it will have little to no effect if it isn’t reaching your intended audience. By performing keyword research, your company ensures that your content is search-engine optimized and your users can find you with little trouble.

Tools like the Keyword Planner from Google AdWords can be used to measure the effectiveness of keywords with data on average monthly searches and comparisons with competition. A good rule of thumb is to utilize keywords with high average monthly searches and low competition.

4. Optimize Online Ads

Inevitably, your online ads are going to need some tweaking so that they remain relevant as trends and attitudes shift. Successful digital marketing campaigns are constantly being monitored, adjusted and experimented with. It’s important for your company to be cognizant of what ads and keywords are leading to clicks, comments, and conversions. Take note of a keyword that has a high click-through rate. Consider different keyword match types. Plan your budget around your successes and adjust them based on statistics derived from your research.

5. Boost Social Media Posts

This is especially important for companies with Facebook pages that don’t have a large number of followers. Facebook is oversaturated with content and it has become increasingly difficult for companies to reach their clients’ timelines. Promoting your social media posts is one way you can increase your visibility. Remember: an investment of even $50 targeted to people interested in your content can lead to huge gains. Boost!

6. Keep a record of your efforts

This should go without saying. To make your life easier, make sure your company’s website has Google Analytics installed. This marketing analysis tool provides a simple way to keep track of traffic to your various websites and also compare the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Google Analytics also keeps track of bounce rate, goal conversion rate, and average session duration.

Another good tip to follow is to use custom URLS when running ad campaigns. If your campaign is being run on Facebook and Twitter, and you intend to direct people to a landing page, use the Google URL builder to create different URLs for the landing pages. This way you can compare the traffic for each type of ad.


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